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  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.85

    Posted on August 14th, 2012 admin No comments

    DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.85

    What’s New
    +You can import from files with black ip addresses to Black ip list now.
    +If you stop DNSSpeeder, it will not check online status and resolving speeder of DNS servers’ any more. If you want to enable this freature, you can exit DNSSpeeder, then modify the “DisableDNSServerCheckingWhenStopped” item in DnsSpeeder.ini from 1 to 0. restart DNSSpeeder.
    +Support Vista/WIN7 operation system. You should NOT run DNSSpeeder from disk c:, you had better copy all DNSSpeeder files to disk D: or disk E: and make it run as a adminsitator.
    =Fixed a serious bug, it may make DNSSpeeder crash when it recieves illegal data from DNS servers.
    =Fixed some bugs when SOCKS5 proxy is enabled.
    =Fixed program updateing problem for version 2.80, reporting 2.80 as a newer version.
    =Fixed black ip amount problem, whatever the amount of black ip, the length of black ip list in DnsSpeeder.ini will be cut to 256 characters.
    =Fixed cache update display on the main dialog, changed to display currect updating method.
    =Fixed some interface problems under WINXP English version.
    =Fixed checking resolving speeder of DNS server, when checking is started, any menus will be cancelled.
    =Fixed two same DNS servers will appear in the listbox which is to right-up on the interface.
    DNSSpeeder 2.85 ScreenShot

  • Thanks to

    Posted on July 25th, 2011 admin No comments

    Thanks to
    They provided a free mirror site for DnsSpeeder: .

    You can download DnsSpeeder from the URL now:

  • Sorry for stoping DnsSpeeder download for one week.

    Posted on July 25th, 2011 admin No comments

    The bandwidth of website is limited every month. After DnsSpeeder v2.80 released last month, our website’s bandwidth rised dramatically and exceeded the maxium bandwidth allowed. So we have to stop DnsSpeeder download for one week, after one week, it will be ok.

    Sorry for everyone, if you want to get DnsSpeeder v2.80, you can send mail to, we can send the program to you .

    The following is the bandwidth status.

    Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
    Jan 2011 14,410 32,634 59,750 80,376 3.86 GB
    Feb 2011 11,681 27,619 51,932 65,407 3.00 GB
    Mar 2011 12,798 32,164 79,551 97,110 3.62 GB
    Apr 2011 12,103 29,281 73,132 90,980 3.54 GB
    May 2011 14,187 34,584 83,474 102,362 3.53 GB
    Jun 2011 20,244 51,853 75,854 129,712 20.83 GB
    Jul 2011 19,738 50,771 71,345 120,413 47.81 GB

  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.80

    Posted on June 18th, 2011 admin No comments

    +Add a new domain updating method named ‘Updating by TTL’ except ‘Updating Regularly ‘, Updating by TTL means updating single DNS record individually
    if the TTL of this record is out. You can select this new updating in option dialog.
    +Remember the maximum status of the main dialog.
    =Fixed tab control bug, sometimeswe cann’t see the scrolling bars in tab control.
    =Fixed when add new domain to filtering list, there is only the last domain left.
    - Discard automatically download default DNS serves from the official website.

    DnsSpeeder 2.80 Screenshot

    DnsSpeeder 2.80

  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.50

    Posted on December 23rd, 2010 admin No comments

    + Add menu to main interface,Improve Options dialog and Report dialog. Enable maximum the main dialog.
    + Add a meter to indicate the amount of DNS requests every second.
    + Support English , Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese,聽 you can modify “English.lng” to translate a new language and rename “English.lng” to other filename
    like “New language.lng”, then email to us (, we will add the new language translation to DnsSpeeder.
    + Add two tabs,one is Requests, to display all requests in detail, the other is DNS severs, to check the real DNS resolving speed of every DNS server.
    + Add r-click menu for tab Requests and tab DNS severs.
    + Add Black IP feature, some DNS servers will reply to DnsSpeeder with wrong IP addresses to hijack domains, DnsSpeeder can delete these ip addresses and
    prevent them from entering cache.
    + Managing more DNS servers, test their resolving speed to select the fasted DNS server.
    + Imporved domain and regular expresstion filtering.







  • Mantis was opened on

    Posted on November 5th, 2010 admin No comments

    Mantis,聽 a bug management system, was opened on today, so anyone could register a account in mantis and report bugs to us. We will deal with any report within 2 days.

    So don’t hesitate to tell us anything about DnsSpeeder, SharewareStudio, WinFaceOff.

  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.10

    Posted on September 20th, 2010 admin No comments

    What’s New
    + Add a full regular expressions feature to Filter dialog, and you also can set up some catalogs to distinguish from regular expresstions. Domains can be imported to domain list (one domain pe line) .
    + Add a feature to detect the first DNS server every 10 seconds. if down, it will test the second, the third, untill it finds an online server, if all DNS servers are down, it will remind user by red-twinkled trayicon.
    + Add “Enable changing localhost DNS servers” setting on Options dialog
    + Add description for every setting on Options dialog
    + Add running error log, if an error happens, DnsSpeeder will try to log something helpful.
    = Fix a serve bug, when DnsSpeeder recieves a wrong-format DNS request or a unknown packet , it will crash.
    = FIx a serve bug, the resolving socket of DnsSpeeder will be down and up every 3 seconds,then it will be recreated , thus some DNS requests cannot be resolved sometimes.
    = Fix a bug that the tooltip on trayicon is not always on top;
    = FIx a bug that when DnsSpeeder starts, the domain filtering cann’t act properly untill the user click the Filter button and click OK.
    - Delete timeout setting on Options, remove the feature that DnsSpeeder will resoving it individually when encounters a timeout DNS record.
    - Delete updated time setting on Options dialog.

  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.00

    Posted on August 18th, 2010 admin No comments

    + Add a new button “Options” and a new dialog “Options”聽 to set up some settings. Move some settings from main dialog to “Options” dialog.
    + Add a new button “Filter” and a new dialog “Filter”, let user to set up some filter expressions to prohibit聽 unsuitable domains.
    + Add a new button聽 “Set System DNS” and a new dialog “Set System DNS”, Sometimes the system DNS resovling may become abnormal after you stop dnsspeeder, it may be caused by wrong system DNS servers, you can set up correct system dns servers by “Set System DNS” feature.
    + Efficiency of dns resolving was Improved,It uses multi-thread to resolve domains, now it can resolve a large quantity of domains in a high speed.
    + Using a new file to save DNS items named “DnsItem.dat”, you can import the file “DnsItem.csv” from DnsSpeeder 1.5 or 1.8.
    + Add a new feature about DNS item updating and add a new column “Update”, now you can set some domains not to update, it is useful if you want to let the ip address of a domain to be same.
    + System-tray icon indicates if DnsSpeeder is offline.
    + The menu of system-tray icon was improved, “Options” and “Filter” were added.
    + When adapter is down and up again, DnsSpeeder acts properly.
    + The speed of displaying DNS items is Improved.
    + Add several new items to Performance Statistics, such as Cached DNS items,Cache Last Update,Cache Next Update,Total Run Time,Current DNS server,Queued Requests, Illegal Requests,Filtered Requests.
    = Fix treating other DNS record type as A record, any other records will be forwarded to the DNS servers.
    = Fix when you stop or close DnsSpeeder, however, you cann’t access the Internet any more, when you start DnsSpeeder again, it is ok.
    = Fix a big sorting bug of the cache list, sometime when sorting, its cpu usage will be up to 50%-100%
    = Fix a serve bug, when DnsSpeeder recieves a unrequested DNS response, it will crash.

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Screenshot

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Options

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Filter Expressions

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Detail Information

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Set DNS Servers

  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) updated to v1.80.

    Posted on October 13th, 2009 admin No comments

    The editors have called the program the best among the like.

    Read their article here.

    DnsSpeeder v1.80 What鈥檚 new.

    + Add a new button “Detail” and a new dialog “DnsSpeeder Information” to display some statistics data and status data. This dailog can record its position and whether it is be displayed or not, so that next DnsSpeeder starts, this dialog will appear by itself.
    + DnsSpeeder will reserve dns servers for every adapter, when DnsSpeeder stops or exits, It will restore correct dns servers.
    + DnsSpeeder restarts the “DNS Client” service depending on whether it was initially started before DnsSpeeder started.
    + Add s new option “Hide this dialog when starts” to hide DnsSpeeder’s main dialog when it starts.
    + The “Dns cache list update” option can be disable now, just set the value to zero.
    + Dns cache list can be multiple selected.
    + System-tray icon indicates if DnsSpeeder is running,disabled,updating,etc,.
    + The menu of system-tray icon was improved, serval item were added.
    + Efficiency of dns resolving was Improved,
    + You can delete outdated DNS items by setting a certain outdated period.
    + It can clear the hits count of all items or selected.
    + Add a new column “LastHitDate” to indicate the last hit date of every DNS items.
    = Fix DnsSpeeder will clash when recieves a dns reply exceed twenty ip addresses.
    = Fix the “Start at login” option didn’t act normal.
    = Fix column sorting (descending/ascending) act abnormally.
    = Fix sorting the ID, TTL and HIT columns result in the column heading to be obscured or disappear.
    - Delete TTL value from DNS Item and DNS item property dialog.
    - Delete the “Hide” button.

    DnsSpeeder shotsreen
    DnsSpeeder shotsreen

  • DnsSpeeder’s readme (v1.50)

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 admin No comments

    DnsSpeeder 1.50 Readme

    Sep.25 2009

    Author :
    Email :

    Caution: This program is a freeware, any possible loss caused by this program is no relation with, if you don’t permit this, you must delete it immediately. If you use this program, We consider you permit all of these.

    1. Overview
    2. System Requirement
    3. What’s New
    4. Getting Started
    5. Known Issues
    6. Revision History
    7. To do

    To read more, click here

  • DnsSpeeder (freeeware) updated to v1.50.

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 admin No comments

    DnsSpeeder v1.50 What鈥檚 new.

    (notes: + new features = fix bugs – delete some features)

    + It can resolve all dns items within a certain period automatically.
    + It can start when Windows starts.
    + It can display the count of dns items, handling domains and current used dns server.
    + It can verify whether the dns server is up or not, thus it can remind user to setup corrent dns server .
    = Fix when DnsSpeeder stopped, the system cann’t access the Internet.
    = Fix DnsSpeeder not working when DNS Client service is up.

    DnsSpeeder shotsreen

    DnsSpeeder shotscreen

  • DnsSpeeder (freeeware) updated to v1.25.

    Posted on September 14th, 2009 admin No comments

    DnsSpeeder v1.25 What’s new.

    (notes: + new features = fix bugs – delete some features)

    +It can read dns servers from system and diplay them on the list of Dns Servers.
    +Cann’t run two instances of DnsSpeeder.
    +Dns resolving capability was improved.
    =It can save dns servers to ini file properly.
    =Fix threads suspended when many dns resolving requests coming at the same time.

  • DnsSpeeder v 1.20 (freeeware) was released.

    Posted on September 3rd, 2009 admin No comments

    DnsSpeeder v 1.20(freeeware)

    DnsSpeeder runs as a dns proxy.

    It accepts client鈥檚 dns request and looks up the ip addresses of the request domain at local cache, when found,send the reulst to the client. If not,it sends query to certain dns servers and return resolution results to the client.

    So it can speed Internet access.

    DnsSpeeder shotsreen

    DnsSpeeder shotscreen