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  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.00

    Posted on August 18th, 2010 admin No comments

    + Add a new button “Options” and a new dialog “Options”聽 to set up some settings. Move some settings from main dialog to “Options” dialog.
    + Add a new button “Filter” and a new dialog “Filter”, let user to set up some filter expressions to prohibit聽 unsuitable domains.
    + Add a new button聽 “Set System DNS” and a new dialog “Set System DNS”, Sometimes the system DNS resovling may become abnormal after you stop dnsspeeder, it may be caused by wrong system DNS servers, you can set up correct system dns servers by “Set System DNS” feature.
    + Efficiency of dns resolving was Improved,It uses multi-thread to resolve domains, now it can resolve a large quantity of domains in a high speed.
    + Using a new file to save DNS items named “DnsItem.dat”, you can import the file “DnsItem.csv” from DnsSpeeder 1.5 or 1.8.
    + Add a new feature about DNS item updating and add a new column “Update”, now you can set some domains not to update, it is useful if you want to let the ip address of a domain to be same.
    + System-tray icon indicates if DnsSpeeder is offline.
    + The menu of system-tray icon was improved, “Options” and “Filter” were added.
    + When adapter is down and up again, DnsSpeeder acts properly.
    + The speed of displaying DNS items is Improved.
    + Add several new items to Performance Statistics, such as Cached DNS items,Cache Last Update,Cache Next Update,Total Run Time,Current DNS server,Queued Requests, Illegal Requests,Filtered Requests.
    = Fix treating other DNS record type as A record, any other records will be forwarded to the DNS servers.
    = Fix when you stop or close DnsSpeeder, however, you cann’t access the Internet any more, when you start DnsSpeeder again, it is ok.
    = Fix a big sorting bug of the cache list, sometime when sorting, its cpu usage will be up to 50%-100%
    = Fix a serve bug, when DnsSpeeder recieves a unrequested DNS response, it will crash.

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Screenshot

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Options

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Filter Expressions

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Detail Information

    DnsSpeeder v2.00

    DnsSpeeder v2.00 Set DNS Servers

  • DnsSpeeder (freeeware) updated to v1.50.

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 admin No comments

    DnsSpeeder v1.50 What鈥檚 new.

    (notes: + new features = fix bugs – delete some features)

    + It can resolve all dns items within a certain period automatically.
    + It can start when Windows starts.
    + It can display the count of dns items, handling domains and current used dns server.
    + It can verify whether the dns server is up or not, thus it can remind user to setup corrent dns server .
    = Fix when DnsSpeeder stopped, the system cann’t access the Internet.
    = Fix DnsSpeeder not working when DNS Client service is up.

    DnsSpeeder shotsreen

    DnsSpeeder shotscreen