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  • DnsSpeeder (freeeware) updated to v1.50.

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 admin No comments

    DnsSpeeder v1.50 What鈥檚 new.

    (notes: + new features = fix bugs – delete some features)

    + It can resolve all dns items within a certain period automatically.
    + It can start when Windows starts.
    + It can display the count of dns items, handling domains and current used dns server.
    + It can verify whether the dns server is up or not, thus it can remind user to setup corrent dns server .
    = Fix when DnsSpeeder stopped, the system cann’t access the Internet.
    = Fix DnsSpeeder not working when DNS Client service is up.

    DnsSpeeder shotsreen

    DnsSpeeder shotscreen