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    These are the lastest programs produced by SharewareStudio.com. Please, don’t hesitate to download and try them, any bug reports and advice are appreciated, please mail to bugreporter@sharewarestudio.com.

    Products Version Type Size Download Donate
    SharewareStudio 0.20.01 Shareware 3.8MB Download
    Only $39 USD

    DnsSpeeder 1.20 Freeware 176KB Download
    DnsSpeeder 1.25 Freeware 274KB Download
    DnsSpeeder 1.50 Freeware 272KB Download
    DnsSpeeder 1.80 Freeware 290KB Download
    DnsSpeeder 2.00 Freeware 318KB Download
    DnsSpeeder 2.10 Freeware 400KB Download
    DnsSpeeder 2.50 Freeware 2MB Download
    DnsSpeeder 2.80 Freeware 1.89MB Download
    DnsSpeeder 2.85 Freeware 1.91MB Download


    These programs are purely labor of love. We will continue writing, supporting and maintaining them as long as we can commit the time.

    If you feel they are helpful and want to help us to go on as long as we can, you can contribute in various ways:

    • Donate or buy via paypal.
    • Let more people know.
    • Give us a feedback.