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  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.10

    Posted on September 20th, 2010 admin No comments

    What’s New
    + Add a full regular expressions feature to Filter dialog, and you also can set up some catalogs to distinguish from regular expresstions. Domains can be imported to domain list (one domain pe line) .
    + Add a feature to detect the first DNS server every 10 seconds. if down, it will test the second, the third, untill it finds an online server, if all DNS servers are down, it will remind user by red-twinkled trayicon.
    + Add “Enable changing localhost DNS servers” setting on Options dialog
    + Add description for every setting on Options dialog
    + Add running error log, if an error happens, DnsSpeeder will try to log something helpful.
    = Fix a serve bug, when DnsSpeeder recieves a wrong-format DNS request or a unknown packet , it will crash.
    = FIx a serve bug, the resolving socket of DnsSpeeder will be down and up every 3 seconds,then it will be recreated , thus some DNS requests cannot be resolved sometimes.
    = Fix a bug that the tooltip on trayicon is not always on top;
    = FIx a bug that when DnsSpeeder starts, the domain filtering cann’t act properly untill the user click the Filter button and click OK.
    - Delete timeout setting on Options, remove the feature that DnsSpeeder will resoving it individually when encounters a timeout DNS record.
    - Delete updated time setting on Options dialog.

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