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  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) updated to v1.80.

    Posted on October 13th, 2009 admin No comments

    The 3d2f.com editors have called the program the best among the like.

    Read their article here.

    DnsSpeeder v1.80 What鈥檚 new.

    + Add a new button “Detail” and a new dialog “DnsSpeeder Information” to display some statistics data and status data. This dailog can record its position and whether it is be displayed or not, so that next DnsSpeeder starts, this dialog will appear by itself.
    + DnsSpeeder will reserve dns servers for every adapter, when DnsSpeeder stops or exits, It will restore correct dns servers.
    + DnsSpeeder restarts the “DNS Client” service depending on whether it was initially started before DnsSpeeder started.
    + Add s new option “Hide this dialog when starts” to hide DnsSpeeder’s main dialog when it starts.
    + The “Dns cache list update” option can be disable now, just set the value to zero.
    + Dns cache list can be multiple selected.
    + System-tray icon indicates if DnsSpeeder is running,disabled,updating,etc,.
    + The menu of system-tray icon was improved, serval item were added.
    + Efficiency of dns resolving was Improved,
    + You can delete outdated DNS items by setting a certain outdated period.
    + It can clear the hits count of all items or selected.
    + Add a new column “LastHitDate” to indicate the last hit date of every DNS items.
    = Fix DnsSpeeder will clash when recieves a dns reply exceed twenty ip addresses.
    = Fix the “Start at login” option didn’t act normal.
    = Fix column sorting (descending/ascending) act abnormally.
    = Fix sorting the ID, TTL and HIT columns result in the column heading to be obscured or disappear.
    - Delete TTL value from DNS Item and DNS item property dialog.
    - Delete the “Hide” button.

    DnsSpeeder shotsreen
    DnsSpeeder shotsreen

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