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  • DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.85

    Posted on August 14th, 2012 admin No comments

    DnsSpeeder (freeware) Updated to 2.85

    What’s New
    +You can import from files with black ip addresses to Black ip list now.
    +If you stop DNSSpeeder, it will not check online status and resolving speeder of DNS servers’ any more. If you want to enable this freature, you can exit DNSSpeeder, then modify the “DisableDNSServerCheckingWhenStopped” item in DnsSpeeder.ini from 1 to 0. restart DNSSpeeder.
    +Support Vista/WIN7 operation system. You should NOT run DNSSpeeder from disk c:, you had better copy all DNSSpeeder files to disk D: or disk E: and make it run as a adminsitator.
    =Fixed a serious bug, it may make DNSSpeeder crash when it recieves illegal data from DNS servers.
    =Fixed some bugs when SOCKS5 proxy is enabled.
    =Fixed program updateing problem for version 2.80, reporting 2.80 as a newer version.
    =Fixed black ip amount problem, whatever the amount of black ip, the length of black ip list in DnsSpeeder.ini will be cut to 256 characters.
    =Fixed cache update display on the main dialog, changed to display currect updating method.
    =Fixed some interface problems under WINXP English version.
    =Fixed checking resolving speeder of DNS server, when checking is started, any menus will be cancelled.
    =Fixed two same DNS servers will appear in the listbox which is to right-up on the interface.
    DNSSpeeder 2.85 ScreenShot